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How To Make Pork Wontons

These pork wontons or dumplings, are quick to make with a few easy to follow steps.

Use any combinations of flavours that you like, in amounts to your taste.


Pork mince-you could also use chicken

Grated or finely sliced ginger

Finely chopped water chestnuts (available in asian section of supermarket)

Chopped coriander or chives

Season with salt & or fish sauce

Some recipes use egg white or you can add a little water to the mixture.


Mix the filling thoroughly & roll a small ball to place in the centre of a wonton wrapper

Fold the top corner down

Fold the bottom corner up

Press gently the two sides as shown-this holds in the filling

Dab a finger in water to wet the wrapper as you squeeze in the next step

This sticks the two sides together

Repeat to finish your mixture

These freeze very well, wontons ready to go.

Place made wontons on a tray with parchment paper & place into the freezer.

After a short while they will be frozen & ready to pop into a snap lock bag.

Freezing them singularly like this prevents them all sticking together!

So much better than commercially bought, you know what's in them, and can add any of the ingredients that you like.


Add your wontons to gently simmering bone broth to which you have added sliced ginger, garlic, shallots/spring onion, chinese greens such as bok choy, gui lan or finely sliced wombok.

You could include noodles making it a long & short soup.

Drizzle a little sesame oil over the top before serving, & chopped green end of shallot.

Traditional accompaniment to dumplings is a mix of soy sauce, Chinese black vinegar, finely diced garlic, red chilli & sesame oil.

If you don't have bone broth on hand use water with the aromats, still a very delicious result!

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