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Naturopathic Consultation

The term Naturopathy was created from 'Natura' (Latin) and 'Pathos' (Greek) to suggest natural or self healing.

Naturopathic medicine has had a long history dating back to Hippocrates (460BC), beginning with some of the earliest Doctors using botanical medicine, herbs and natural treatments.

A Naturopathic consultation therefore:

  • Aims to treat the cause of an illness or imbalance, not just the symptoms, whether that be physical, mental  or emotional in nature​

  • Is totally natural, using drug free treatment methods (herbal medicine, vitamin/mineral supplementation, flower essence, massage & other healing modalities)

  • Is used to maintain wellness once the initial illness or dysfunction has been rectified, promoting self healing mechanisms

  • Takes into account the whole person rather than assessing one specific area

  • Provides options to treat illness, to improve and maintain health & total well being

  • Specifically tailors to your individual needs

  • Provides education and on going support in all aspects for a balanced, happy  and healthy life

  • Is both a safe and  effective healthcare modality                            Gentle - Non invasive - Natural 

How Can Naturopathy help me?

           Needing support, ideas, new ways of

                            thinking & being?


You do not have to be unwell to visit a Naturopath.


Naturopathy treats ailments, health conditions & imbalance, as well as providing inspiration, ideas and  alternatives for those desiring greater vitality, harmony 


Provides education and support to maintain healthy body function. 

Is safe, effective and non invasive. 

Try it  Feel the Difference

Initial consultation one hour

Follow up visits as required

Skype Sessions available

Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Health rebates available

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