Home made pizza in ten minutes

A quick and easy pizza at home in a few short steps, and how to prepare peppers not only to use as a delicious pizza topping but to add to your dishes, boosting flavour and texture.

For a quick pizza I use a lebanese style flat bread.

Tomato sauce made from tinned chopped tomatoes, cooked a little with some thyme, pinch of sugar and pepper.

Topping of pepperoni, a little grated mozzarella, sliced bocconcini, cooked peppers and shredded fresh basil leaves.

Cook at 200 degrees until it 'looks' done...a few minutes!

Tip: Too much topping will make the pizza soggy, less is best

Use your favourite toppers, gluten free bases or make your own dough

Preparing the peppers:

- Wash & pat dry, rub with a little olive oil

- Place on a gas ring to' blister' the skin, with tongs rotate

- if you don't have gas, or don't like the idea of charring the skin place on an oven tray at 180 degrees Celsius

- When skin is blackened or peppers have collapsed a little in the oven, remove and place under a dry cloth

- Peppers will sweat and this makes the skin easy to remove

- Peel and or rub the skin off the peppers with hands

Place torn pieces into a glass jar with lid, cover with olive oil, add sliced garlic or herbs as an option.

Keep in the fridge

- Combine peppers with some cooked onions, garlic, and diced tomato, serve with chicken

- Add final stage to any vegetable medley, crumbled feta cheese on top

- Add last stage to beef casserole/pot roast for a fresh lift to your dish

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